UX3 Waste Baler

- Where space is tight – low installation height and occupies very little space.

Price £ 2,890


  • 8-day right of return
  • PLC control system from Schneider Electric
    (Schneider Electric is one of the world's leading suppliers of quality control systems)
  • UX3 has the highest safety on the market
    UX3 is rated to performance level PLr E where the statutory requirement is only PLr D
  • Extra power and reliability
    (Double side guides, i.e. maximum support to the press plate on both sides)
  • Easy handling
    UX3 can be moved either lengthways or across with a pallet lifter.
  • 230V connection – and the UX3 is ready for use
  • Bale trolley is included

UX3 is the right choice when you require high compaction and the waste baler must take up as little space as possible.

UX3 has an automatic full notifier when the bale is ready for binding, so you do not overfill the chamber. It is easy to remove the finished bale with the included bale trolley.

UX3 is easy and safe to operate, from filling with waste to binding and removal of the finished bale.

The waste baler compaction chamber is equipped with rows of effective counter hooks that secures the material down and ensures optimal filling.

Easy to replace the band rollers from the front of the baler.
UX3 is an extremely effective vertical baler, cardboard baler, waste baler for compacting cardboard, plastic, foil and packaging.

UX3 is compliant with the European safety standard EN 16500.

See also UX4 and UX5



Unibaler UX3

1x240V 50Hz 10A
853 x 715 x 1986
710 x 560 x 630
Cardboard: 30-50 | Plastic: 40-60


Unibaler UX3

 Compaction pressure (t)  3
 Power supply  1x240V 50HZ 10A
 Motor size (kW)  1.5
 Noise level (dB)  <70
 Process time (sec)  22
 Dimensions WxDxH (mm)  853 x 715 x 1986
 Weight (kg)  500
 Filling aperture WxH (mm)  710 x 446
 Filling height (mm)  746
 Compaction chamber height (mm)  1082
 Stroke length (mm)  550
 Bale dimensions WxDxH (mm)  710 x 560 x 630
 Bale weight - cardboard (kg)  30-50
 Bale weight - plastic (kg)  40-60

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